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We invite people across the tech sector and beyond to act boldly and collectively on the defining issue of our day: equity. Whether you’re a CEO, a DEI leader, equity advocate, or researcher, we want to hear from you.


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ACT NOW: Join the movement!

After a year of work by 29 academics, DEI experts, and think tanks, the verdict is clear: true diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech cannot be achieved by any one leader or company alone. It's an industry-wide challenge that we must tackle together. That's why we're calling all tech companies to join this effort and become a signatory to the ACT Report.

Company signatories to the ACT Report pledge to:


Develop a strategy to pursue and/or enhance company activity around the four M.O.S.T important recommendations, and publicly report annual progress.


Share DEI data with a new industry accountability partner being incubated by the Aspen Institute. This initiative will only publish aggregated industry data.


Support collective action. Join conversations to align on DEI data collection, and determine mutually beneficial areas for cross-industry collaboration.

Already an ACT Report signatory?

ACT Report signatories are invited to join the Tech Accountability Coalition, a new coalition of tech leaders, non-industry advisers, and community stakeholders facilitated by the Aspen Institute. As a direct result of the ACT Report, this accountability initiative carries forward the vision and work by collaborating with tech companies to standardize DEI data collection, amplify and support the implementation of best practices, and help the industry hold itself accountable for progress. Companies that become ACT Report signatories will join an ongoing series of action-oriented convenings and planning sessions on a wide range of topics (such as inclusive product design, public policy, workplace culture, data equity, and expanding workforce pathways). They will also receive 1-on-1 consultation support and have the opportunity to help shape an industry-wide framework for advancing equity and justice across tech! Learn more here.