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DEI Innovation Summit 2021

This inaugural event on November 3, 2021 hosted by Snap Inc., brought thought leaders and DEI experts together to transform outcomes and drive equity in tech by building on the recommendations from the ACT Report

Why We Need Equity in Tech
Oona King VP of DEI, Snap Inc.

Summit Highlights

Cross-Industry Collaboration: CDO Panel
Oona King VP of DEI, Snap Inc.
Melonie Parker Chief Diversity Officer, Google
Travis Robinson Global Head, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Spotify
Shannon Schuyler US Chief Purpose and Inclusion Officer, PwC
Carin Taylor Chief Diversity Officer, Workday
The Journey from East London to Hollywood
Idris Elba Actor
Oona King VP of DEI, Snap Inc.


ACT Now: A CEO Perspective
Kara Swisher Journalist
Arlan Hamilton Founder and Manager Partner, Backstage Capital
Tim Ryan US Chair and Senior Partner, PwC
Evan Spiegel Co-Founder & CEO, Snap Inc.
Activate Change: Becoming an Inclusive Leader
Dwana Franklin-Davis CEO, Reboot Representation
john a. powell Director, UC Berkeley Othering & Belonging Institute
Bo Young Lee Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Uber
Operationalize DEI Throughout the Business
Siri Chilazi Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
Beatriz Acevedo CEO & Co-Founder, Suma Wealth
Iris Bohnet Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
Trey Boynton Sr. Director Inclusion & Collaboration Strategy & Inclusive Solutions, Cisco
James Heighington Global Head of Measurement and Reporting, Google
Lanaya Irvin CEO, Coqual

Lightning Talks

Acknowledging Indigenous Land and Advancing Indigenous Communities
Sarah Eagle Heart Co-CEO, Return to the Heart Foundation
Access for Everyone
Mekke Okereke Engineering Director, Google
Girls Who Code
Tarika Barrett CEO, Girls Who Code
Representation in Tech
Derrick Lewis President and CEO, NAACP
Transform Pathways into Tech
Ruthe Farmer CEO, Last Mile Education Fund
Dr. Leigh Ann DeLyser Executive Director, CSforAll
Why the Mean Always Win (On Average)
Tea Uglow Founder, Creative Labs, Google